Monday, March 20, 2017

Strobe Lights

Have you ever been almost wiped out when crossing a busy intersection? I have more than once. Now I have to buy a white strobe for the front just to get across the street! In the day light!!!

These are much smaller than I expected. The light face is only 2”x 5/8 inch for the 3 L.E.D. units. And you need 2 water proof switches (for a bicycle), one being a “momentary” contact to change the flash pattern.

9 watts (3w each bulb)

Wattage is not the only thing that will determine the
brightness. The 'super-bright' lights above have shaped
beams, so they may not be seen as easily as this one
that does not shape the beam. And at only 4 watts each
unit saves more than half the power as a 9 watt unit.
However if you can get the shaped beam into the eyes
of the car drivers, they will see you much better.
I am using these 4watt units on the side of my bicycle.

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