Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tire liners expose'


BUT Apparently nothing will stop sharp nails, but how could it catch right in the center of the tread? Looks like I will just have to start using some kind of goop to stop slow leaks...and buy some extra valves to replace them when they get clogged up.


This is what can happen if the tire liner is not wrapped around the sides of the tube. I should try cutting off only the bead of the inner tire.

This is the easyest cutting steak knife that I have used on the tires.

A tire liner that will keep you going:

Even when a tire gashes open: I used this tire for many miles ofter it tore open.

This is the tire that started it all. Something cut the casing threads with out cutting the tube, the tube was pushing through the cut. Too bad I did not know about 'tire boots'.

Some people think that these will slow you down 20mph! Infact it has been proven that extra weight to spin in the tires, will create momentum for the small hills. If it slowed me down that much I would not move at all.

All tires wear down making it easier to puncture; even the Armadillo tire can be penetrated with out a thick layer of ‘HARD’ rubber inside. Don’t believe the hype! Kevlar belted tires are not puncture proof!!!

My 20” x 1.75” Schwalbe marathon 70psi developed a long gash in the middle of the tread (still some tread left) it would have blown out if I didn’t have a liner made from another tire.

I tried a Marathon PLUS but the soft blue rubber under the tread has compressed! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I checked my tires again after several months and found several glass cuts and some even went threw, but non of them went into the second tire! This won’t protect your outer tire but it will get you home with out the misery factor. I now have 6 tire on my bike and 8 on my trike.

There is a goop that will stop punctures but is so motion sensitive that it has to be replaced twice a year.
But Flat Attack is easyer to use, I do not know how well it works.

But do not waste your money on sealent untill you make sure that your rim tape will not cut your tube from thet inside. I had a blow out when hauling 50lbs cargo with my trailer, and had to walk 3 miles home. A good work out.

Best kind of rim set up, no tape.

Specialized Armadillo tires are very puncture resistant but even those have been know to be punctured. They also have a problem with the tread coming off, so they have a lifetime warranty.

I still think they should make a steel belted bicycle tire, Kevlar doesn’t work very well. I looked at industrial tires and saw nothing but a poorly made solid tire whose tread wears fast.

Disclaimer: use only hard rubber tires. soft tread is pointless. Tires can be cut to fit inside other tires.

Tire PSI
Contrary to popular belief the psi of a tire has nothing to do with what it will take to pop the tire off the rim; It has everything to do with how strong the casing thread is. The rubber tread helps but it does wear off a bit. Schwalbe tires may be the best but I don't want to be the one to test a 70psi Big Apple on a delta trike with its lateral stress problems.