Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tire liners expose'

Schwalbe marathon tire
Moped tires are needed for really heavy cargo bikes.
I have been using tire liners for many years. The only kinds that have actually worked to protect my tires were other tires with the side walls cut off and stuffed into the new tire, with thorn resistant tubes.

You can see by the photos that only really thick tire liners will allow you to keep on riding long after the tire tread is worn out.

How ever there are certain kinds of nails that nothing can stop. And knobby MTB tires are nail magnets.

I just wish I could find a tire with steel impregnated rubber treads  for my utility bike. It would be worth the extra weight and price. But the GD bicycle industry never tells the durometer rating of their rubber.

I have known people that claim that heavy tires slow them down. But the facts are, that a heavy tire will produce more momentum for climbing the next hill. The only time a heavy tire could possibly slow you down is in drag racing with out a motor; traffic light to traffic light.

I use BMX tires because of the extra casing thread to allow 100 psi inflation. But I would settle for a 65 psi tire if it had a lot more rubber on the tread.



This is what can happen if the tire liner is not wrapped around the sides of the tube. I should try cutting off only the bead of the inner tire.

This is the easyest cutting steak knife that I have used on the tires.

A tire liner that will keep you going:

All tires wear down making it easier to puncture; even the Armadillo tire can be penetrated with out a thick layer of ‘HARD’ rubber inside. Don’t believe the hype! Kevlar belted tires are not puncture proof!!!

Best kind of rim set up, no tape.

Specialized Armadillo tires are very puncture resistant but even those have been know to be punctured. They also have a problem with the tread coming off, so they have a lifetime warranty.