Monday, October 13, 2014

Long nose bicycle steering

Long bicycles need a more laid back steering axis to compensate for lack of weight on the front wheel, (yes even cargo bikes; they do not have cargo all time). But this creates more wheel flop that is irritating on slow speed hill climbing. the only way to fix that is by shorting the trail.

Most people know nothing about trail, so they fall back on race bike steering geometry.

The reason factory bikes do not use this is simply the fact that they would have to make a special fork with lots of rake. Much too expensive.

Short bikes can use this method also. A chopper made with Zero trail would really handle well.

There needs to be some leverage, usually some tiller effect.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Center Pivot Steering

This Quadricycle would make a very good cycle truck (at slow speeds) but it may need a couple of motors.

 Two head tubes the horizontal steer tube connects to the vertical steer tube. The rear section is welded on the horizontal head tube. The steering wheel turns the center pulley with cables.

the truck steering would not be the same as the bicycles

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Visualize This

I believe it would be very easy to get a 'kick-starter' grant to start building long low cargo bikes, in many different citys. Seattle would be a good place to start. And don't think that it would take a factory to make these bikes. It takes only a garage shop with the right tools. See 'cycletrucks'.

And if you plan to give some of them to people that could not afford to buy one, it may be even easier. It would be easy to find people that need them on the internet, even if it would be difficult to have them prove their need.

One option to use these would be to operate a delivery service for people that can not travel easily and others that would be willing to leave their cars at home.

This would help remove cars from our streets, and make cycling more bearable and safe. The amount of traffic in our small town has become incredibly over-crowded in the past year or so.

This is the kind of project that all towns with a food co-op should have. Getting a grant to build one for a food co-op to operate a delivery service would really get people involved in the whole concept of utility cycles.

And with the stock market ballooning up to much more dangerous levels than the 2008 crash, there will most likely be a severe economic depression soon. This may lead to rioting in the streets when people cannot drive their cars. But I see a crisis like this as an opportunity for change in a positive direction.

Electric power systems can be built to last twenty years if you use the right kind of equipment. And with the new battery technology, motorized cargo bicycles will become very popular.
But only if they are strong enough to move 550lbs up our hills that are at least an 8% grade, at a legal speed limit (like 20mph or 30mph if registered as a moped).

The average driver these days in America is about 220lbs, the vehicle would be around 165lbs = 355lbs leaving about 165lbs for cargo. And this would be with lithium batterys. Almost impossible to call this pedal powered, it would have to be a motorcycle, or just a small truck with a pedal powered generator.

Monday, August 25, 2014


"Climate change”, invented by the corporate news media to cool down “global warming”! It should be called “life support system collapse”. And all that people can worry about is paying for their big house and cars. Transportation is nothing compared to what problems the human race will encounter in the next few decades.

If human life is going to have a chance to survive, much more will need to be done NOW!!!! Start by killing your television, it is designed to lower your IQ so that you are more submissive. Watch the videos by Paul Ehrlich and Chris Hedges etc. Then tune into web sites like 'the real news network'.

Some people think that we will be able to buy our way out of this existential crises. This is the way of denial; false hope! Only the plutocratic top ten percent of the 'one percent' will be unaffected. They are like God kings to the rest of humanity.

The only real hope we have is for people to start to work together like an army to change our fuelish “way of life”. Get a grant, Build cargo bicycles out of recycled mountain bikes, give them away for free!

Dissolving wall street would do miracles for the world, but if you think that will ever happen, you must be on the better drugs than I am!

Cargo bikes will play an important role in the transition to a life style that is more sustainable, but it will not happen with out you getting involved!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

eBike Burn-out?

People tell me that  all e bikes burn out (melt down). This is not true, the reason most burn out is simply that most people just over power their equipment. If one would use a programmable controller you could keep your equipment from over heating. Get one with heat sensors. It may not be able to sense the heat in the coils, but the machine an compensate for the difference between the inside and the outside.

How ever you can learn to use a cheap one with out red-lining it too much. And keep all the connections lubricated with Vaseline for good contact. Unfortunately most people want to hot-rod their equipment.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Bicycle shleter roofs for wet snow

 Bolsheviks unite! Agitate for better bicycle parking!

The roof is the hardest part.... gotta keep it light weight to be moved around.

 An inverted triangle is more stable than a triangle with the apex on top.

Monday, August 4, 2014

ELF car

Payload is the weight the ELF will carry (driver and cargo) and does not include the weight
of the ELF. (150lbs)
We are required to limit max speed on flat under electric power to 20mph.
22% grade is tough and I have no data beyond seat of the pants but
we have been able to gear the ELF to meet our customers needs thus far.
There are lots of ELF owners in mountain settings across the US and Canada.
We have commercial users pushing the ELF much harder than our claims. 

   That is 500 lbs on a one HP motor with one to one gearing! But at least it does use a small drive wheel.
Two large lithium batterys, but a third one would help with climbing steep hills.

One HP hub motor, not on the drive wheel. Possibly the only motor that will fit in the tight space. The power from the motor is not geared down by the Nuvinci  gear hub, but the infinite gear range of the Nuvinci does help you match your pedaling force with the motors force.

We have steep hills  and two children that keep getting bigger and bigger, so I would need a larger motor and a second stage gear reduction. A two speed gear box would be ideal.

The best way to add a lower gear to the Elf would be a 12 to 14 inch rim pulley
that would not let the belt slip when wet. Driven by a notched trapezoid timing belt.
A 4 to 1 reduction would help a lot.

Cross ridges inside the rim to fit the belt's notches' pitch would do it for sure.
Held on to the drive wheel with tabs, they should be made in factory so that they
are all the same. You can buy a small pulley for the motor that already have these ridges.

These rim pulleys were used on some of the first motorcycles. And they still can work on
motorized bicycles if there is room for them to fit, as there appears to be on the rear frame
of the Elf.

Rear hub; Needs a larger sprocket for a lower gear, but the brake is in the way.

right side of motor

left side of motor



front axle

the pedals need clips

I would rather have something that looks like this, but with three wheels and a tilting system.

or like this but with out so much power! People are insane to want so much speed.

slow it down!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Expanding chainrings born again

These were made for may years and used for commuting successfully, But bike racers did not like them so they stop making them. Another perfect example of how the Racing industry has turned bicycles into a disposable aluminum junk yard.

The new one:

The old one made of steel too heavy for modern man, weak form driving cars!!

more info

Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Concept trike

I have not seen much info abut this, but concept designs are usually not put into production, nor even a prototype is made.  I would like one of these my self, maybe I can build one my self.

 Gears in the rear? suspension in the center? Does not lean like a bicycle? Yet has a high center of gravity. Is that safe? I would build the front wheels wider apart. And I want to see the Ackermann steering in action.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cargo Bicycle Design Contest

The bike needed to be easy to build  and easy to get off of when fully loaded, (some people do not under stand the need for a low step through frame); and sitting up straight is needed for carpel tunnel syndrome.

And the design must be original!

Actually I do not expect any one to do better. Because it took me years to learn how to construct a bicycle from used bikes, with out a shop.

Based on this design concept, I have another winner

I do like leaning trikes and other cargo bikes, but not for ease of construction.

I like the idea of using a Nuvinci hub gear with a motor. So that it is easy to match the pedaling with the motor speed.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The history of safety bikes

In the beginning there was a wooden two wheel cycle with no pedals, made to help french solders get all there equipment down a hill fast with out running and falling.

Then the high wheel bicycle so riders could go faster and crack their heads.

Finally some one invented gears so the rider would be safer, closer to the ground. Unfortunately racers found that by leaning forward they could go faster and crack their heads.

Yet people still crack their heads even on the old style sit up straight safety bicycle because they want to go fast! Now with motors!

I have know several people that have smashed their heads riding road bikes. I will never even consider riding head first.

I never wear a helmet because I know how to ride a recumbent bike. Road bikes  are not 'safety' bikes!  

 Speed is the biggest danger factor. Two of the people that I know died from cycling was from too much speed. An Olympic cyclist in training on the local roads flew over a cars hood into a barrier when the teenagers decided to turn in front of her. Then there was one man I know that ran into pipes sticking out of a truck because he had his head down.

heads crack like eggs