Monday, August 7, 2017

Take Action NOW, Before it is too late!

It's time to take action, build an electric vehicle, or have your children do it. And look for more action possibilities. Stop waiting for someone else to do it.

The republican party, fully owned by the oligarchy, is using the environment as a weapon to make the rest of the world submit to imperialist goals. 

It will be up to us to do something about it

I want to see some practical action taken here. Like funding of many different home grown projects to install solar power systems on people's houses. And build small electric vehicles in people's garages; it will take many thousands of people building small electric vehicles one at a time to get ready for the inevitable change that must take place very soon. 

  • There are only three questions remaining about the climate crisis: “Must we change?” “Can we change?” and “Will we change?”
  • The sky is not a vast and limitless expanse the way it appears to us as we stand on the ground and look up.
  • In reality, there is just a thin shell of atmosphere surrounding the planet.
  • We are putting 110 million tons of man-made global warming pollution into the atmosphere every single day.
  • That pollution—especially carbon dioxide (CO2) is building up and it’s trapping heat.
  • We have been “thickening” the atmosphere by filling it with heat-trapping pollution. More heat energy is trapped, and it is warming our planet at an unprecedented rate.
  • There are many sources of man-made global warming pollution: agricultural practices, forest burning, transportation, and many other factors.
  • But the main source and cause of the rising global temperatures we are seeing today is the burning of fossil fuels.
  • Fossil fuels still provide more than 80% of the world’s energy. Their use and emissions has gone up dramatically since World War II.

Alt-right's hidden agenda:

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mileage Comparison

Miles per gallon comparison of vehicles, to electric bicycles. Locally produced energy gives better mileage.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Big Bulk Box Bike
If anyone can build these street legal they can sell a lot more of them”

This is the most heavy duty “looking” cargo bike that I have seen made in the industrialized world. Unfortunately they used two hub motors. Making this street illegal in Washington state, and a number of other places.
People are so obsessed with speed they think that even a large heavy duty cycle truck should be able to drive as fast a motorcycle. Yet they refuse to consider that there are good reasons that motorcycles have really powerful brakes and very heavy duty tires.
Not only are hub motors a waste of energy, but they use more energy than is needed to climb steep hills.
I am going to have to stop writing this blog, people just don't care. But if you want to sell these vehicles use your brain by reading these pages.

Electric Overdrive / Magnetic Gear Motors? / Fixed Gear Drives (Non-Hub Direct Rear Drives) / New Motor Technologies / Custom Belt Drive / Two speed gear boxes for bicycles

Two motors with two controllers will give you more speed with a larger use of power. But an extreme gear reduction would use less power, and just not because of the lack of speed.

Here's the simulation for dual MAC8T motors assuming equal sized wheels with identical controllers. As you can see the motors are out of the controller-limited region (after the peak inflection point of the red motor curve) and so are not bound by the controller amp rating and are running at near peak efficiency even though they are climbing a 9.5% grade. This requires about 54 battery amps which should not be difficult to achieve (you want to run a single battery - avoid the control and monitoring complications of using two).

Here's the simulation for dual MAC8T motors assuming equal sized wheels with identical controllers. As you can see the motors are out of the controller-limited region (after the peak inflection point of the red motor curve) and so are not bound by the controller amp rating and are running at near peak efficiency even though they are climbing a 9.5% grade.
This requires about 54 battery amps which should not be difficult to achieve (you want to run a single battery - avoid the control and monitoring complications of using two).

This technique is essentially a graphical analysis that gives viable results given the constraint of equal sized wheels and identical motors and controllers:

  1. Set up for one motor/controller/wheel and run the simulation
  2. Scrub the cursor back and forth, until the required load power is twice the delivered motor power (for 2 motors)

In the above example, you need 1600W to climb the grade and each motor will be loafing and supplying only 800W.

two motors are better than one

If you run equal wheels/motors/controllers, you can use simple Infineon trap controllers and will get optimum efficiency under almost all circumstances using a single throttle with no special tuning.

Recommend, would be a CA3 to drive the two controllers to get the throttle ramping, and current throttle for smooth operation + 2WD PAS and/or auto-cruise if you wish... Since the drives are the same, you can use the CA to monitor the temperature of either motor and assume the other motor is about the same temperature. This gets you automatic thermal power rollback to avoid cooking the motors if you try to overtax them.
    Remember, electric motor power specifications are in terms of 'rated power' not the actual power you run it at. So a 500W MAC can easily be run at 1500W although it will heat up and eventually overheat with this overrated operation. But legally, it's still only a '500W' motor.

Do not be confused by comments about testing the output of a bike - the traffic statutes are written to facilitate field enforcement - so many cc's or so many rated Watts - not the actual hp output of a motor which an officer could not possibly measure. He needs to be able to make a decision based only a quick look at a motorcycle model plate or wattage sticker - hence the way the statutes are defined (of course there are some really confused state statutes out there, but that's another matter...) But a label that says 500w would help.

dual controler assembly

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Free Money

If we want to deal with the big social, economic and environmental challenges that we’re facing today, we should start by fixing money.

What We Need to Do

1. Take the power to create money away from the banks, and return it to a democratic transparent and accountable process!!!

2. Create money free of debt!!

3. Put new money into the real economy rather than financial markets and property bubbles!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Longest Lasting chain-oil Formula

 I have been using this mix of STP (w/zinc oxide) and a thinner “sewing machine” type of oil to thin it out a little bit. And finally I put PTFE in it. I clean my new chain with Naphtha solvent before applying this lube. And I have to heat this oil in an eye dropper bottle in hot water to get it to penetrate the chain, but it lasts about a thousand miles. A lot of people just cannot under stand chain oil. They even think that wax is a lubracant.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Crisis of intelligence!

Every one I know is either a 'nihilist' or a 'denialist'. 

Most people have no idea how bad life will be without gasoline. The USA will be the hardest hit, just because we are so addicted to petroleum. In other parts of the world they are gearing up to move away from fossil fuels fast.

But you can forget about large electric cars! They are going to be very expensive and inefficient because the energy mongers want your money! And when electric bikes get in the way of too many cars there will be a crackdown.

The laws will not change until we all understand the problems. This will not happen by building illegal vehicles. Manufacturers of e-bikes need to understand what it takes to build electric bicycles correctly.

This will involve a rear wheel, belt driven directly from the motor, and a crank activated power system that cannot push the vehicle faster than the law allows. Unfortunately most people want a vehicle that moves as fast as a car! That is a crisis of 'ignorance' (denial)!

There would not be a problem with e-bikes if they were geared so that they cannot be driven faster than 20 mph; regardless of the amount of power used!! All you have to do is take the maximum RPM the motor will produce, and calculate a gear ratio to keep the bike under the speed limit. This will give you much better hill climbing ability, with less power!

Or use a speed sensor to cut off the power when moving faster than the correct speed. This will allow you to travel at, or below the speed limit all day without burning out the power system. But the speed sensor can be by passed too easily on some e-bikes.

Hub motors are responsible for the power limitations of e-bikes, simply because once you have that one-to-one gear ratio of a hub-motor, the cyclist will be able to exceed the speed-limit with as little as 350 watts. And Mid-Drives are even worse!

The main high tech thing to look for is a controller that has a voltage multiplier in the slow speed output range.

Build a sexy micro car!

velomobile design from the 1940's

Monday, March 20, 2017

Strobe Lights for Velomobiles

Have you ever been almost wiped out when crossing a busy intersection? I have more than once. Now I have to buy a white strobe for the front just to get across the street! In the day light!!!

These are much smaller than I expected. The light face is only 2”x 5/8 inch for the 3 L.E.D. units. And you need 2 water proof switches (for a bicycle), one being a “momentary” contact to change the flash pattern.

9 watts (3w each bulb)

Wattage is not the only thing that will determine the
brightness. The 'super-bright' lights above have shaped
beams, so they may not be seen as easily as this one
that does not shape the beam. And at only 4 watts each
unit saves more than half the power as a 9 watt unit.
However if you can get the shaped beam into the eyes
of the car drivers, they will see you much better.
I am using these 4watt units on the side of my bicycle.

with only four watts you can use a smaller battery pack:

12V 2000mAh NiMH Battery Pack
Tenergy is the worst brand to use

Lithium Ion cells are much cheaper over a long period

For Lithium-Ion cells get an IMAX B6 old style charger.

The new ones will not charge through electric protection circuits. But if you don't have that detail just get newer one, but it still needs the ballance wires. The old one does not.

for a truck tail light with LEDs

This can be a complex project

to change modes

Chrome Glow 12V Waterproof Push-
Button On-Off Switch with 12" Leads

If you are building a pack, and you want to use a circuit board, the electronics are so small now these protection boards have balance charge circuits built in, so it would be even safer to charge. But the new I-Max B6 will not like the confusion of more circuits.
The I-Max B6 charger (old style) charges through the protections circuits, even though the instructions say that it will not; I set mine on 3 cell 3.6 volts per cell to make the cells last longer.
They should be charged to no more than 4.2v or even 4.1v or even less if possible. It has recently been proven that the longer a battery cell holds a high voltage the faster it will degenerate. So if you want a full charge of 4.2 volts, use it right a way. If you charge them to something like 5 volts each or more, you are begging for trouble!!!
3 Cells in series can be charged faster than single cells because they have more resistance that way. I set my charger to 1 amp. So a 4 cell pack could charge faster at a higher voltage. (1/3 volt each cell) if you need the charge faster try it at a higher voltage. But if using cheap Chinese cells charge them in a steel ammo box!! If they produce enough heat to feel you may have dangerous problems. If the pack does not have the wires to the balance plugs the cells will even them self's out after a while so don't worry about that.
The new battery chemistry {LiFePO4} is safer than the older 18650 Li-ion cells. But I do not know how they would charge in an I-Max B6. NiMH is much safer but much heavier. 

more info about lights

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Batteries for e bikes

100 kWh? LiFePO4

It's about time they manufactured large cells with bolt conections! These are bigger than 18650 cells. But I can't help wanting fire proof insulation between the cells.

The only problem is that you can't get these free out of old computer packs. 
And some people are telling me that these cells are not as potent as the sellers want you to believe.

These are considered safer when compared to lithium oxide or mixed oxide battery products. Punctured or short circuited lithium metal oxide cells will cause heating, oxygen release and the potential for thermal runaway.

Tesla is about to start manufacturing mass quantities of these new batteries to bring the price down a little. It looks like the chimistry of these bolt end cells are already old tech, not that it matters much. The Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 chimistry is safer to use than the magnisium, but heavyer. I would choose the weight over the danger.

What chemistry is the Tesla 2170 cell? LiFeMgPO4 Lithium Magnisium Phosphate?

By 2018, Tesla's new “Gigafactory” will produce 35 GWh/year of lithium-ion battery cells, nearly as much as the rest of the entire world’s battery production combined. And there are several other companies racing for the claim of .highest energy density/cheapest cell in the world” also.

But will they have bolt ends? Not likely! So how do they connect the cells in the cars?

The new ‘2170’ is 21mm (13/16th inch) by 70mm (2¾”). Smaller than these bolt end cells that are about a 1.5” diameter by 4” long. But larger than the old 18650 cells (17mm x 67mm).

Lithium batteries should regularly be recharged because high batteries lead to oxidation of the anode and low batteries leads to the disintegration of LiNiCoAlO_2. This makes lithium batteries very sensitive. Research has been showing that with two 50% depth of discharge (DOD) cycles, the battery lifetime is about four times longer than one 100% DOD cycle.

The Myth of Ebike Wattage

How to make an inexpensive Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

LiFePO4 38120S (M size) Cell: 3.2V 10Ah (32Wh, 30A rate) ?

Watt Hours: Calculating E-bike Range

Home built battery 18650s

18650 cells
This is the best pack building kit I have seen. NO WELDING!!! But you should use conductive contact gel/grease.

LiCoO2 lithium cobalt oxide are the best. That is what Tesla motors is using now. Lithium titinate will be even better.

How to make your batteys last longer
Never charge lithium ion cells to more than 4 volts. Anything more than 4.2 volts will cause a condition where fire and explosion can occur. And 4 volts will make the cells last much longer. If your charger goes to 4.2 volts take the cells out before they have a chance to go any higher.
How to safely charge your batteries

How does Cobalt Work in Li-ion?