Monday, May 23, 2016

Vector Control

Field oriented control is a better way to make motors produce more thrust at lower and higher speeds than using gears. With controllers having more computing power now, they can control a motor much better than ever before. It requires a three-phase AC motor and a more expensive controller. These would be very good for a motorcycle that needs a wider range of torque-thrust than a simple electric bicycle.

Friday, May 20, 2016

More Motors for more Hill Climbing Power

Multiple motors can pump-up the output thrust without increasing the top speed that is set by the fixed gear ratio. A controller for each motor is needed but then you can program them to power-up the extra motors when needed.

What are the advantages? Electric motors loose thrust ability when climbing hills at a slow speed; if you want your high speed gear-ratio to be set at about 20mph and you need a 10mph gear ratio to get enough thrust to climb your hill with only one motor, a second or third should provide enough thrust at 20mph without having to use a larger motor. The bigger motor would take more amperage to keep running at a high speed when cruising on flatter land, where the extra power is not needed. Also motors made for high speed are more efficient than slow speed motors; less energy is turned into heat. These are 3210 Astro Brushless Motors.


Dual motor

You can do this with One battery pack, One throttle, One 3-Way & Cruise & EBrake using Two controllers paralleled, Two motors individually tied to each controller, and Two CAs - one for each.

The overall power is divided somewhat arbitrarily between the two controllers depending on load.
  • Going uphill, both will pull evenly.
  • On somewhat of a flat whilst in Cruise Control, one will take the lead and the other will go into "slip mode"; pull enough current so that it essentially freewheels... however on the slightest increase in load - it will pick up the slack until Cruise cannot be held.

I don't measure Amps; I measure pack Voltage because the shunts have been modified by trace-beefing and I do not have equipment capable of measuring scant ohms accurately, so I just measure voltage. I know the battery capacity, I know from experience how to set the amount of theoretical current to the wheels, and thus am able to calculate roughly the overall power consumption. The CAs validate this by using Miles per charge; I know how many miles I should have covered by x-amount of voltage drop - which is not exactly linear, but then I understand that too.”

Friday, April 22, 2016

Our problem is NOT the lack of appropriate technology.

The problem goes way beyond technical solutions. It is a social problem.

Green solutions are too little too late” says Lovelock. But others say “All we need to do is completely reinvent energy and how we use it”. Think Biological Architecture, light from Algae, and downsized 'velomobile' cars; powered in part with very thin solar voltaic panels.

This book offers hope:

Earth Day

Most people have no idea what the world is coming to, and would rather not know! Sustainable food supply systems are far from being adequate. Electric and even Nuclear powered vehicles will not keep America moving adequately. This will effect the food supply system more than you can imagine.

The 20/20 movement claims to be getting people ready to live with out petroleum. But they seem to be waiting for entrepreneurial companies to do the work, and you know that requires a pre-established market demand.

We should be doing these things for our self's. Every community needs to organize a way to be putting solar electric panels on people's houses and building small electric vehicles, as well as growing food locally. Are people going to wait until they are desperate before they downsize their life styles?

New electric cars will NOT save the world! A second generation mainstream electric car is expected to use upwards of 5000 kWh of electricity to drive about 20,000 miles a year. It is now possible to reduce your carbon foot-print to very close to zero by using a minimalist vehicle like a velomobile; pedal assisted electric cars. But they should be designed for your local terrain.

I built a small cycle-truck four years ago, designed to sit up straight to keep my back pain from killing me. I could not find a bicycle with all the features that I needed, at any price. And if light weight batteries did not cost so much I would have already put a motor on it.

Now I save at least a thousand dollars a month by not owning a car; And still haul all the cargo I need, but my Bionic legs hurt! I really need an organization to get a grant to start building small heavy duty electric vehicles.

A long European style electric cargo bike can haul enough tools and building materials to pay for for the initial investment in only a few months. And if you motorize it correctly there would be no problem climbing our steep hills. If you want to replace a car with a cargo bike or trike, you really need one that will drive at least 600lbs (total combined weight) up at least a an 8% grade at a legal speed of less than 20mph. That means high torque at slow speeds, not many people know how to build such a machine.

So most people put their trust in the builders, that are built for mostly flat land to get a longer roving range; not the best thing for steep hills.

Velomobiles have an efficiency of 40 miles to 85 miles per kilo-watt hour of electricity, depending on the weight, speed, gears used, and hills you climb. As opposed to 3.7 miles per kWh for a full sized electric car. How can anyone not afford to own one of these minimalist vehicles?

33.4 kilo-Watt-hour is equivalent to one gallon of gasoline. That's about 125mpg for the full sized car, and over 1347 mpg for the heavy velomobile!

The great awakening!

Soon there will be a mass awakening to the absolute necessity to deal with the global life-support-system collapse. Yes the human race will survive, but it will take a wartime effort. But “climate denialists” will be motivated by money. When the environment crashes, so will the economy. Life will change, the world will be a much better place to live. 

This is the next book to read! A plan of action!

                                                available in audio 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Toyota’s RLV

Toyota’s RLV (Renewable Lifestyle Vehicle) was entered into a design contest in Los Angeles as a dual-mode (electric or manpower) method of transportation in a world that’s facing increasingly scarce fuels. In the words of the LA Auto Show design entry, the dual modes reflect Los Angeles’ two most frequently used speeds – 75 and 5 mph .

Monday, March 28, 2016

Recumbent Motorcycle Car

I think this could be built a bit simpler without the large gasoline engine, electric powered vehicles are less complex mechanically. Even if you use a two speed gear box.

If you have enough money, an AC motor with a vector controller would be fabulous. But then you will want to make this into a highway vehicle.

Raise the seat a little bit to use more direct steering (less swing steer).

The canopy may not be so easy, and a large center stand that will pop down with the flip of lever is needed. But something like this can't be very difficult to build.

So what is keeping people from building these for the road? The GD politicians, owned by the corporations that don't want any competition? Or people's refusal to think about using strong enough brakes and tires?

You need to have it tested & certified by an engineer, it can be done on a computer but it will cost you too much. So keep it under 20 or 30mph and make sure there are pedals, even if you don't use them.

Three wheeled vehicles are easier to learn to ride, but much more complex to build. Engineering-A-3-Wheel-Vehicle-Chassis

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Custom Belt Drive


Best way to keep a belt drive from slipping is to use a pulley with teeth. But if you need a custom belt, mold the teeth out of epoxy. And be sure to use mold release on the belt.

The most critical part of doing this is making the pulley the right size to make the belt ends come together without extra space. So I do not know if it can be done on a rim pulley.