Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Motor Monster for an American long-tail!

a giant tire cargo bike

People are so brainwashed by the bicycle industry that they think hub motors and kits of any well known motor-system are the things to use, even though hub motors are the least effecient for hill climbing and stop-n-go city driving simply because they are stuck in the highest possible gear. 

There are good reasons to build a bike with a non-hub direct rear drive. Mostly to keep from turning your bicycle into an illegal motorcycle with inadequate brakes. And still have enough power to climb the nasty hills that make my legs scream for help.

The controller type and setup have a significant effect on performance, not just the motor and gear ratio. Kelly controllers
have constant torque mode capabilities, in other words they have the capability to prevent amp multiplication at low RPMs that increases torque as the motor gets dragged down by increased load (at the same throttle setting). This prevents wasted energy at low RPMs where the motor is most inefficient and overheating abuses of the motor.

A 3000rpm motor will take a two or three stage reduction adding up to 18:1 to get the 26” wheel down to about 13mph a single stage reduction would take a sprocket larger than the drive wheel.

It would be easier to use a Lightningrod's kit that operates at about 90% efficiency, with 2 belt reductions before the third chain reduction to the drive wheel.

Or use a hub motor with a heat sensor, that drives at about 1500rpm or less, at the wattage listed on the label.

Gear reduction is the key to heavy hill climbing. A 9:1 ratio would be good for a 26” tire if the motor runs at about 1500rpm. That would be 16 tooth sprockets on the motor and 144 on the drive wheel. Or 18 on the motor and 162 on the wheel. Never use sprockets smaller than 12T, they will create excessive wear of the chain.

The crank should drive the motor, if the motor drives the crank your top speed can be much faster than anything safe.

If you can find a motorcycle sprocket adapter that will fit the free-hub body it would be easy to use two chain drives on the cassette side.

  • Kelly controller (option of torque control throttle standard):
  • or Lyen controllers are much cheaper
  • Sprocket adapter (needs a longer axle or shorter hub to fit)
  • 216 motorcycle chain
  • Large motorcycle sprocket (to fit the chain)
  • BHT motor:
  • Throttle:
  • Battery (the most expensive part)
  • Cycle-Analyst power meter
You could use regenerative braking in the rear for your in-place of a break, if you have a good break in the front.

Mount the sprockets on the right
 side to keep the disc rotor clean. 
this is a good example of a slow motor,
about 1500 RPMs at wattage on the label. 

A 219 motorcycle chain to the left hand side of the drive wheel is better than a BMX chain. The hard part is figuring out how to mount a large sprocket on the hub and still keep your disc brake.

I think it would be easier to use a belt drive with a large rim pulley on the drive wheel than any kind of drive chain, unless it has a two stage reduction. I could not find a sprocket large enough for a single reduction. But a 12inch child's bike rim makes a good enough pulley for a belt. Then a 1.5” belt pulley on the motor would be close to an 8:1 ratio.

It would be very easy to add sprockets to the right side if you could find an adapter for a light motorcycle sprocket for #219 or #25 chain to fit onto a free-hub body behind a 6 or 7speed cassette. Then a ratcheting one-way bearing on the motor, so you don't have to crank the motor when it is off.

And thinking about a greasy chain splashing road crud on a disc rotor, it would be best to use only a belt drive on the left side.

full suspension long tail 

Choosinga battery

Try to carry enough battery to keep your discharge rate under 2c.
For 10 amp hour size, that would be a 20 amp controller and about 700 watts

Belt or Sprocket Adapters ???

Fixed Gear Drives

BIG BLOCK alternative Motor (for a larger motor)

NOTE: The motor wires are color for color on the Lyen controller (post 12 on page 2 of this thread: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=59122&start=25)


Divest in oil

Why is it that most people that claim to care about their carbon footprint refuse to change their transportation life style! Why would they rather continue to give the corporate over-lords their money than do something as simple as apply a strong motor to their long-tail cargo bikes? Or buy an electric velomobile.

They could at least convert their GD cars to electricity, it would cost a lot more than an electric cargo bike, but not an impossible amount of money.

When they ask me what will it cost; I have to ask them what is the price they place on their children's future! And then they claim not to know what is gong to happen, apparently ignorance is bliss when it allows you to forget about your part in “Anthropogenic climate disruption”.

Divesting in oil can seem expensive, but that is because the true cost of automobiles are not reflected in the price tag. The price would have to reflect the price of the war for oil as well. That would be at least several million dollars per vehicle.

Power assisted large Bakfiets cargo bike start around 6 thousand dollars US. That may seem like a hellova-lota money. But when you think about the carbon foot print of a car not being payed for in real time; how your children are going to pay for it. It is not a bad price.

And if it has a European hub motor on it you will have to exchange it for one that will actually climb our steep hills.

But you could save a hellova-lota money if you were to apply the motor your self, and do it right (low enough gears) so it won't fry the controller etc.

My legs are in so much pain that I find my self wanting an effing car. But if I had that much money I could do something more reasonable, like build a small electric vehicle.

I have wasted way too much time writing this blog that I have ended up with no money for a motor rig, and having to torture my legs on our steep hills with out a motor. I need someone pay me to apply a motor to their utility bike so I can do my own.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Door to door

This book is a mind blowing expose' about how cars and drivers are getting away with murder, and how complex our insane Kar-Kulture really is.

It talks about how ride sharing maybe the only way out of our insane reality. And the new kinds of transit systems using “on demand” automated micro cars instead of large buses running around empty most of the time.

It also exposes the massive amount of carbon dioxide pumped out by gigantic container ships. They use the most dirty fuel in the world, crude oil as thick as asphalt when cold. And non of this is considered a part of any country's carbon foot print. Think about that when you buy a large object from another continent; it makes Americas carbon foot print much larger than it appears. This is a good argument for buying bicycles made in the USA even if the price tags is larger; the actual cost is less.

There is not enough resources to keep expanding the gross GDP even with all possible efficiency improvements. If people don't prepare to downsize severely right now there will not be a future that anyone will want to live in beyond 2030 unless they are very rich.

Not having the freedom to drive where you want when you want will help people work less. This is the only way to share jobs. Sharing transportation. And building self sustaining cities like Arcosanti will be necessary.

I believe that most people would rather make war on cyclists before giving up their cars.
It will come down to people rioting in the streets. And possibly even killing car drivers. You know how people overreact.

As Bill McGibben says, this is world war three. But this should not be a reason to give up and do nothing but wait for the end.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cycloidal drive


This is a good way to slow a motor down to human cadence speed. Electric motors just don't work well unless they are moving very fast.

cycloidal drive

Monday, September 5, 2016

Clydesdale Cargo Fork


The one interesting thing about this fork is the fact that the steering axis goes through part of the box, which should slightly lower the amount of swing flop.

However it could use about 1.5 inch more rake to eliminate wheel flop completely. The flop will probably not be noticeable unless you're climbing steep hills with a lot of weight. Slow hill climbing makes balancing with a swinging box more difficult.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Shock Doctrine

 This is a horrifying book, if you cannot deal with reality don't read it! Just continue to live in denial.

It tells the story of how vulture capitalist's lust for power is forcing us to submit to capitalist fascism by using shock treatments like, crashing the economy, eliminating the middle class, defunding our socialist institutions, like public schools and the social safety-net; welfare for the disabled and children, to force a reversion to dysfunctional submission, so they can plunder the worlds wealth.

These maniacal money mongers are like drug addicts of the stock market, destroying the economy and infrastructures of whole countries just to get their next fix!

I believe that they will be using the climate crisis as the final shock treatment.
Americans are now using more than 10 millions barrels of oil a day! That puts us all in the hands of the imperial lords, there is no way that electricity will replace that much energy density.

Fascism presented itself as an alternative to both international socialism and free market capitalism. While fascism opposed mainstream socialism, it sometimes regarded itself as a type of “nationalist” socialism.

My dictionary describes it as a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that uses belligerent raving, racism, and glorification of war, to shock the people of the world into submission.

The only way out of this is to start having civic skill seminars, so we can all learn to take control of our government, as they did in Europe.


This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate

Our problem is NOT the lack of appropriate technology.

Our real problem is the great desire to egnor 

the worlds problems and just be happy!

Persuasive speech has been practiced by great rhetoricians since the time of ancient Greece and Rome. Having the skills to successfully participate in constructive conversation and group discussion allows citizens to work together with other members of society to achieve common goals. These skills provide knowledge of how to constructively raise issues and then guide conversation in a productive direction.

Learning to differentiate between fact (statements which can be proven true), and opinion (statements that express judgments or ideas) enables us to critically evaluate what is said. It is also a way to prevent bias ravings, which is typically not based on facts. If there are not enough people learning this, the fascists will destroy our country and let the corporate worms destroy the rest of the world as well. Children, especially, should learn these skills so they can debate the professional liars and create a better world.


Yet learning to debate the naysayers is not enough. There needs to be dynamic facilitation to learn mutual communication. The rich have a lot to loose by people learning to actually communicate. That's why they pay politicians to be so bombastic with out saying anything real. The american news media is owned by these family's that do everything possible to keep us separated into different factions. “Divide and confuse” is the prime tool they use to maintain their status-quo.

What we need is a national “wisdom council” see: dynamicfacilitation.com

Friday, August 26, 2016

Cycle Paths verses Bike Lanes

Cycle lanes are to damn dangerous, the ducth cycle paths need to be copied in the USA but it is going to take many years of work.


What can Seattle learn from Dutch street design?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Heavy Duty Trike

This is a trike my neighbour made some years ago. I don't know how much he would need to charge you, but you should ask him to put a proper sized gear reduction on it rather than using one of the over sized hub motors he sells.

You will need to ask for extra strong hydraulic disc brakes also. Some people just do not understand how dangerous 'cable-pull' brakes can be in the rain on a steep hill with 500lbs or more. I wouldn't trust them even in hot dry weather.

I also recommend 16” moped tires (20” O.D.). And mind that he does not use cheap hubs that parts are becoming scarce for, like any with loose ball-bearings. It's about time the bicycle industry joined the rest of the machine world in using sealed cartridges. 

He should to learn to build spoked trike wheels also. And mounting the rim pulley can be found here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

E-Bike frames

This is the best e-bike frame I have ever seen. Most frames are not made to hold all the batterys and electronics. This would be a very good job for a custom frame builder.

This would make a very strong cargo bike, but the motor still needs to be in the center because hub-motors are worthless for hauling hundreds of pounds up steep hills.

Geared hub motors are not available in more than a 5:1 reduction ratio. And direct drive hub-motors are set in such a high gear that you would need much more energy to climb any hill.