Monday, July 1, 2013

Disc Brakes

I had to adjust the pads of my new Avid BB7s in cold dark weather.

When I took the pads out to examine them, the outside piston came out and would not go back in. I had to remove the other piston to get the thing back in, but not until I had to remove the lock ring wire from the post of the outside piston. Then I discovered that the pistons are not magnetized so I had to put the spring back on the pads replacing them both at the same time.

Well I got it all back together and it worked fine, but on the way to town I lost the inside piston adjustment red plastic knob! It cost me $10 to replace them!!!!

The owner’s manual that did not come with the brakes, so I did not know that I should press the knob back on until it clicked.

Do not trust what mechanics tell you, they are concerned only with job security when they tell you that this is a "good" brake. some even tell me that it is the best of the cable pull brakes. Just changing the pads in the summer, I had the spring that holds the pads apart, fly out and get lost!
Their web site has no way for the users to contact them.

Well the next brakes I buy will not have nice red plastic, and will not need to be worked on in the winter, if ever

TRP/RD hydraulic disc brakes. They have the master cylinder mounted to the caliper and are actuated by a cable. Making it easy to adjust the tension of the lever! But the pads are not held in-place with magnets.

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