Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Visionary People to Build Small Pedal-Electric Vehicles

There needs to be wartime like effort to change our life styles away from fossil fuels. That means there will need to be movement to do things for ourselves. And then maybe the industrialized capitalism will try to follow.

It is time for hundreds of people to start building electric Velomobiles and heavy duty cargo bicycles that can actually replace a car. Don't rely on someone with a small factory to do it. There needs to be a better hill climber than the Elf car for Seattle. And several garage shops cranking these things out one at a time, in every town.

If you don't believe what I say about the motor, do the research for yourself. It does not take an engineer to develop one of these vehicles. Especially if you gear it for under 30mph.

I wrote my blog to help inspire people to do something about Afluenza, so please get inspired!

Visualize Seattle with thousands of velomobiles and long cargo bikes with motors than can climb the worst hill with no problem.

Note the steering angle, there can be a steering wheel just above the peddler’s knees. And there will be ZERO swing, like it is in the green trike below.

With the addition of leaning trike technology on the rear, and understanding what gears do and how to apply them would be very important. I would mount the motor under the seat and run a drive belt to a large pulley on the Nuvinci N171 input side, for a tadpole trike.

Giving the motor access to more gear ratios….then I would use a variable speed crank-set so the driver could match their pedaling cadence to what the motor is doing.

This could be built easily enough

This one could have a single front wheel
If you use more than three wheels it has to be registered as a car.

 this design could have only one wheel in the rear
if the cab was in the middle

This is the motor I recommend for heavy vehicles

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