Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Heavy Duty Trike

This is a trike my neighbour made some years ago. I don't know how much he would need to charge you, but you should ask him to put a proper sized gear reduction on it rather than using one of the over sized hub motors he sells.

You will need to ask for extra strong hydraulic disc brakes also. Some people just do not understand how dangerous 'cable-pull' brakes can be in the rain on a steep hill with 500lbs or more. I wouldn't trust them even in hot dry weather.

I also recommend 16” moped tires (20” O.D.). And mind that he does not use cheap hubs that parts are becoming scarce for, like any with loose ball-bearings. It's about time the bicycle industry joined the rest of the machine world in using sealed cartridges. 

He should to learn to build spoked trike wheels also. And mounting the rim pulley can be found here.

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