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Moped tires for Cargo bikes?

Schwalbe Marathon 

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Bicycle tires do not do well on really heavy duty cargo bikes. But you may need to buy or build a new disc brake steering fork to hold a moped tire on a large cycle truck. An Elf car could use these or even bigger three inch wide by 24" O.D. moped tires with no problem.

Most bicyclist will instantly think that a tire that runs on 33psi will have too much rolling resistance. This is bull shit, these tires have such thick side wall that they can stand up to more than 200lbs each at 7.5psi; the first time I rode to town and back, I had a slow leak, when I got home I measured the psi... boy was I surprised! 

Shinko SR714 

Moped Tire  2.25-16

240lbs load limit

16" x 2.25" moped tire on a 1.25" bicycle rim
406mm BMX rim is a 16" rim

If you want a tire that will outlast all bicycle tires, consider this.

The Moped tire to use for a heavy duty cargo bike build should have a load rating of 50 for 419lbs and 4-ply tread casing 16” rim size X 2.25-2.50 inch section width (Unless you an find wider fenders). But it is very difficult to find one that will fit a bicycle rim. And some of the single ply tires have a 4 ply rating, not as good as actually having 4 plies.

Approximately 21-22 inch O.D. fits well in a 1.85-2.125-inch wide BMX rim. You will need to use large steel tire irons.

Mopeds and motorcycles measure tires at the rim, bicycles measure the outer tread, and they are heavier than bicycle tires, but surprisingly, they are also cheaper than high-performance bicycle tires. Coupled with 16-inch motorcycle tubes, they are unlikely to ever get a flat even without liner.

For the rear even if you can find a large enough moped tire, you will probably have to build the frame to fit. Unless you can find an old cruiser bike frame. And while you’re at it, make room for a motor and reduction gears behind the seat post. You’re not going to want to pedal 600 to 800lbs up a 4% grade or steeper.

19" Motorcycle Wheels vs 26" Bicycle Wheels (rim and tires)

For Elf cars a 2.75”/19” tire on a 1.85” x 19” rim or wider! Wider tires need wider rims.

For my small cycle truck I need a 2.25”/16” for the front 20” tire. But for the rear 24” tire a 2.25/19 is needed. But only available in Europe and not worth the shipping to the U.S., and still may not fit on a bicycle rim.

 A 24”MTB has a 20.5" O.D. rim but the 19” moped tire is measured at bottom of the bead just to confuse you. you need a moped rim, not a bicycle rim for 19" moped tire.                   

This is the only place in the usa that has these tires:

more info about moped tires:

These tires are bit heavy for people with weak legs, 4 to 6lbs each does not bother me. If you're riding a heavy cycle truck you need to build muscles! Or get a strong motor that will drive your lazy butt up an 8% grade with a total combined weight of 400lbs or more.
Pirelli ML75

Pirelli Tire ML75 2.5-16 is officially 21.3 inches in overall diameter.

Bike rims do not provide the side wall height, only the value listed as 'rim depth'. So the larger moped tires may not be held well enough on the same size bicycle rim.

There does not appear to be 20-inch motorcycle tires that can mount onto a 24-inch bicycle rim in the same manner that a 16-inch motorcycle tire can be mounted on a 20-inch bicycle rim; the motorcycle sizes skip 20" altogether. Likewise, there does not appear to be a market for 22-inch bicycle rims which would seriously open up many more motorcycle tire options in the 18" range.

So if you want to use a motorcycle tire that will replace a 24 inch bicycle tire, you will have to use motorcycle rims, and possibly spokes.

 Tire Conversion Chart:

bicycle tires

             motorcycle tire load rating index:

Moped tire sizes:

'Sun Ringle Big Baller 20" 36h steel rim' is better than any aluminum alloy rim for these tires.


Unknown said...

Hello, I would like to use heavier more durable moped tires on my FAW+ velomobile that uses 20 inch BMX size wheels. According to the information on your link, I can use this size? 16-3 tire 2.25-16 Shinko SR714 WP191-874550 which is a 16 inch rim on a moped?

Prodromal said...

406mm BMX rims are 16" rims. However a motorcycle rim in 16" is easyer to put the tires onto.