Monday, December 22, 2014

The Road to Perdition.

Some people think that more snow in Antarctica means more cold. Unfortunately it has to get warmer for it to snow. Snow does not happen at 20 degrees, unless there is warm wet air flowing over the cold dry air because the oceans are getting warmer. I am amazed what people will believe when FOX news says it.

And then there is the fact that most people cannot make the connection between cars and so called “biosphere change”. The whole concept that money will solve our problems is just too unreal!

Watch these videos and be afraid! Fear is the best motivator!

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I just cannot believe how insane humans are. There is too much effort in the scientific community to fix the impending global catastrophe (absurdly known as climate change) by disrupting natures balance even further. And billions of dollars are spent to deny the very existence of the problem.

This video tells how whales are one of the biggest key to the world's carbon balance.

 Once you disrupt the ocean's natural balance the whole world will pay the price.

My post apocalyptic life style

Solar power and electric cars will not maintain the status quo!

I live off grid and have so many voltaic panels that we should be able to have enough power. But the pacific north west averages only 1.5 hours of direct sun light a day, and we are stuck in the 20th century on some of the gadgets we have. Like a satellite dish for for the internet, a clothes washing machine, and a cook stove that requires too much electricity just to keep the safety gas-valve open (This is an insurance company scam).

No refrigerators in the winter (I use an ice box outside), and only L.E.D. lights!  New car stereos do a good job of energy conservation, but I can't even charge up my computer unless the sun shines! (The hard drive and fan uses too much energy.)

And don't even think about having running water when you need it!

Solar electricity works poorly without direct sunlight, so the darkness of the pacific northwest winters makes it impossible to maintain a full power life style. Solar does not work at all in Alaska, in the winter.

Even small electric vehicles take so much power that we could not possibly afford to charge them up in the dark of winter, unless we had more solar panels. There will not be any fast charging stations in town for many years.

Solar power requires a lot of expensive batteries; Lead acid cell last only a few years. Lithium cells are less expensive than lead acid over the life of the battery but they take a bigger initial investment because they last longer.

Extreme insulation is the only way to save heating fuel. But most people whine about it not being “cost effective”! I need to build an earth bag mini house, with at least two feet of insulation.

Even our local green politician ignored my offer to help him build a real cycle truck, that could replace a car! He did not even ask how much money it would cost.

So how many people can actually do anything at all about changing their high energy life style?

I am amazed at how few people are aware of how much power it takes to drive up a moderately steep hill. Energy is going to be much much harder to get once gasoline is gone. To move 600lbs up an 8% grade at 20mph you need about 2200watts; a lot more if your in the wrong gear. And that takes a lot of solar cells, we never have enough sun in the pacific-northwest winters. We are working on a methane digested to run our electric generator, an old car with a DC generator motor.

Is another electrical appliance worth the effort?

Every off grid power system in the Pacific NW needs a power generator.
Our goal is to run it off methane gas generated at home. And eventually a steam engine.


Anonymous said...

I like this idea we are a very wasteful society what's this gonna cost out of curiosity

Prodromal said...

Not changing your life style will cost the world more than you can possibly imagine. Every one pays for a sigle person's wastefull life style. Stop making excuses, start changing now!