Thursday, June 12, 2014

Too many gears!

Now you can have a 3 speed hub with an 8 or 9 speed cassette, and a disc brake! They say you can remove the multi-speed crank set. But in reality the only way to get a low enough gear for a trike to climb a 16% grade with about 300 lbs total weight, is to use 22 sprocket chain ring and 34 sprockets on the rear, that would be about 13 gear inches for a 26 inch wheel and 10 GI for a 20 inch wheel.

It would be much cheaper to use a Mountain tamer fourth chain ring of 18 sprockets in the front, equaling 10.5 gear inches.

Sram dual drive 3 speed with cassette

Sturmey Archer F30 rear 3 speed disc brake 9 speed cassette

These are best used on trikes because bicycles cannot be ridden under 3 mph! But it will allow a trike to be ridden up some very steep hills.

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