Monday, April 13, 2015

Battery Technology

Graphine battery cells are a rip off scam to keep affordable battery technology from putting the capitalists out of business. Glass cells show the most promise. But why don't they just build batterys out of aluminum? Because there is no profit in batterys made of simple cheap materials.

Battery technology is another example of how the forces of imperialism are keeping us from having cheap fuels.

Metal-sodium cells like the aluminum-air batteries that Nicola Tesla first suggested more than a hundred years ago, will have over three times the capacity of lithium-ion, and some will be up to 75 times more energy dense than lithium-ion fuel cells.

The only reason we don't have them now is simple economics. The power companies buy up the patents to hold the technology until gasoline and coal are no longer available.

The American military is the largest developer of new power technologies. They are developing “metal-sodium-air” power stations for field use.

Forget the hydrogen fuel cells, that was a scam developed by the energy industry to help repress California's zero emission laws of the 1990's!

Electric cars could travel 13 times farther per charge with these “future” technologies.

If you rally want to encourage battery technology development, kill your GD petroleum powered car and buy into electric technology now!

The only thing keeping wind power from becoming the best source of sustainable energy is the storage problem”? Well that has been solved, massive batteries made of cheap materials were invented by Professor Donald Sadoway and his students.

Thin film solar voltaic panels will be the most versatile, and will disrupt the petroleum industry's grip on our lives to some degree. But our energy use will need to be downsized. 

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