Saturday, June 17, 2017

Big Bulk Box Bike
If anyone can build these street legal they can sell a lot more of them”

This is the most heavy duty “looking” cargo bike that I have seen made in the industrialized world. Unfortunately they used two hub motors. Making this street illegal in Washington state, and a number of other places.
People are so obsessed with speed they think that even a large heavy duty cycle truck should be able to drive as fast a motorcycle. Yet they refuse to consider that there are good reasons that motorcycles have really powerful brakes and very heavy duty tires.
Not only are hub motors a waste of energy, but they use more energy than is needed to climb steep hills.
I am going to have to stop writing this blog, people just don't care. But if you want to sell these vehicles use your brain by reading these pages.

Electric Overdrive / Magnetic Gear Motors? / Fixed Gear Drives (Non-Hub Direct Rear Drives) / New Motor Technologies / Custom Belt Drive / Two speed gear boxes for bicycles

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