Monday, December 10, 2007

Bicycle trailers and their problems!

trailer loading

My B.O.B. trailer is about 8 years old , as you can see the PIN holder broke out before it rusted, there is no way to fix this.

The trailer was always difficult to keep from twisting when fully loaded. I recommend a two wheel trailer.

Or add a Kick stand!

Two wheeled trailers are more stable. forum thread 

                                        Trailer Building:

Here is one designed
 by someone I know

ball joint for through bolt

No ball bearings on the hitch!

Looks like they went out of business. So here is one I will have to build myself; But with two wheels under the center of the load for better handling. But you can get it at sears for almost twice the price:

When I was hauling a really heavy load down a not steep hill. My trailer started pushing the bike and the front end started vibrating side to side, out of control. I applied power to the pedals and it stopped.  Good thing it was not a steep hill.

A really heavy load on a trailer may need a brake or two riding down a steep hill or just too much speed, so that the trailer would not push the bicycle. But how would you attach one?

Cable brakes are certainly out as connecting them would be a nightmare and I seriously doubt that a cable that long would work effectively.

That means it's either going to be electric or hydraulic and then you would have to come up with a fool proof way to connect them without injecting air into the hydraulic lines.

Pneumatic I would guess would be out since you would have no way to create air-pressure to replenish a tank.

If you do succeed in adding them how do you apply them? A separate lever? That seems dicey.

a “surge brake system” would be the thing to use.

brake for trailers


the Surly trailer looks the best:

A stronger hitch than the BOB, is essetial.

This is how a U joint should be built.

Make a yolk out  of 1/8th inch x 1.5" stainless steel flat bar. Attached to a head tube.

Home made trailer hitch

Burley Steel Hitch