Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Build a sexy micro car!

There needs to be wartime like effort to change our life styles away from fossil fuels. That means there will need to be movement to do things for ourselves. And then maybe the industrialized capitalism will try to follow.

You will never be able to buy one of these unless you are filthy rich! You could build one your self for less than $5-10,000. But you would have to keep it down to 3 wheels and register it as a Moped or a Motorcycle!

Tilting trike technology would make it so much more fun.

If you do build one, please let me know about it. I will be glad to show people what you can do. The best way to learn about New Motor Technologies is to build a vehicle like these your self!

We do not need a miracle in energy technology. We need a miracle of common sense! Use less energy, stop driving big heavy gas hawgs! And stop making babies! The average American family's carbon foot print is 14 tons per year! Then it combines with oxygen to create 50 tons of CO2 green house gasses.


Note the steering angle, there can be a steering wheel just above the peddler’s knees. And there will be ZERO swing, like it is in the green trike below.

With the addition of leaning trike technology on the rear, and understanding what gears do and how to apply them would be very important. I would mount the motor under the seat and run a drive belt to a large pulley on the Nuvinci N171 input side, for a tadpole trike.

Giving the motor access to more gear ratios….then I would use a variable speed crank-set so the driver could match their pedaling cadence to what the motor is doing.

three wheel vehicle engineering for stability

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