Monday, October 13, 2014

Long nose bicycle steering

Long bicycles need a more laid back steering axis to compensate for lack of weight on the front wheel,  but this creates more wheel flop that is irritating on slow speed hill climbing. the only way to fix that is by shorting the trail.

Even cargo bikes could be have a more laid back steering axis, but I would compromise at 65 degrees.

Most people know nothing about trail, so they fall back on race bike steering geometry.

The  reason factory bikes do not use this is simply the fact that they would have to make a special fork with lots of rake. Much too expensive.

Short bikes can use this method also. A chopper made with Zero trail would really handle well.

There needs to be some leverage, usually some tiller effect.


Anonymous said...

Very creative idea with a mind like that u can go far in company hit me with a dollar figure

Prodromal said...

The price depends on what you want to do. If you want to convert a bicycle that you have, find a long fork and take it to a bicycle builders and have them bend it to the right rake. if you have to fit a fork with longer steer tube, welding is involved. go to a welding shop for that.

Not much money I would think. Maybe $35 for welding?

Prodromal said...

Do the paper work your self, save a bunch of money.