Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Get Ready America!


Electric Cars will NOT save us!
Down-Size Now!!!

I am amazed that people do not understand why people will have no problems pedaling a bicycle when it comes time to live without a car. I spent years riding a heavy bike with heavy cargo and I wore out my knees because I did not have a motor. there are a lot of wise guys that can not understand what it takes to move heavy cargo up steep hills. And most people don't a clue what kind of motor to put on a bike to climb the kind of hills that I live with.

Mid-drives verses Hub motors

The worst thing is that they do not understand how much wattage it takes, end up with a wimpy motor on a wimpy bicycle and expect that they can live without a car. Well they say that lobsters will not try to get out of a hot pot until it is too hot to move, if it is slowly heated. Humans think they have plenty of time; like global heating will NOT be here for at least 40 years? The shit has already hit the fan, it will be in your face sooner than you think.

250 watts and will not work for real utility cycling. I don't care how much of a gear reduction it has, there is a limit. Under 3mph you cannot balance a bicycle. A bike fully loaded more like 5mph or more. Two motors at 750w each might be enough

The next bike I build will have the motor drive the left side of the wheel. Then I can use the pedal powered side for exercise. I do not need a motor for speed on a bicycle, only for hill climbing. So a single gear reduction will work fine. Especially if I have a Field Oriented Controller [that gives a wider range of usable RPM] If you need more power than a mid drive, get two motors with a larger battery.

A guide to multi-motor systems

Gears do not waste energy, they use a small amount of energy to turn Kinetic energy from spinning magnets into torque thrust. Hub motors waste energy as heat trying to drive heavy loads up steep hills in a high gear.

Planetary gears are stronger than smaller gears; excellent for hill climbing. And it takes up less space, best thing for a bike. My geared motor has a 6 to 1 reduction plus more on the human powered drive.

Best Mid-drive?

It is very difficult to get into the right gear to pedal along with my motor. Some people use an infinite ratio gear box that is not made strong enough for a motor that drive 450 pounds [think about it] up a 10% grade. And costs way to much.

If you think you will never need a bicycle that can drive 500 pounds up a 14% grade, you are living in denial. Gasoline will not be around much longer. Electric cars are not available now nor will they ever be affordable by the growing masses of poverty stricken proletariat.

And think about how 1 ply bicycle tires are useless for 400lbs; they wear out way too fast. 4ply Motorcycle tires are lasting me 12 time longer than bicycle tire.

All we need is a 2 or 3 speed BICYCLE planetary gear set strong enough for small motorcycles but without the overdrive.

Ravingneaux planetary gearset animation

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