Monday, March 28, 2016

Recumbent Motorcycle Car

I think this could be built a bit simpler without the large gasoline engine, electric powered vehicles are less complex mechanically. Even if you use a two speed gear box.

If you have enough money, an AC motor with a vector controller would be fabulous. But then you will want to make this into a highway vehicle.

Raise the seat a little bit to use more direct steering (less swing steer).

The canopy may not be so easy, and a large center stand that will pop down with the flip of lever is needed. But something like this can't be very difficult to build.

So what is keeping people from building these for the road? The GD politicians, owned by the corporations that don't want any competition? Or people's refusal to think about using strong enough brakes and tires?

You need to have it tested & certified by an engineer, it can be done on a computer but it will cost you too much. So keep it under 20 or 30mph and make sure there are pedals, even if you don't use them.

Three wheeled vehicles are easier to learn to ride, but much more complex to build. Engineering-A-3-Wheel-Vehicle-Chassis

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