Sunday, June 19, 2016

Conspiracy or Opportunity?

Never Give Up!

I just do not understand how anyone can afford an effing car!
It can take 9 thousand dollars a year just to maintain a new car.

A barrel of oil contains about 11 years of manual labor.
And the average Amerikan uses the equivalent of 60 barrels a year. That is about 660 years of manual labor. Nothing will replace this decadent use of energy.

Extreme conservation might cut the need down to 80% but that is still 528 years of labor that each person needs. So you can forget about electric cars. You will be very luck if you can afford an electric cargo bike, or any bicycle at all.

The more preparation done in advance of the coming crises, the less of a crises it will be! The only reason it is a crises at all, is because not enough people are prepared to change their lifestyles! If you want a conspiracy to think about, look inside yourself!

The great awakening will start a movement like none other in all of mankind's existence before. Building an infrastructure that does not depend on a dirty fuel, that keeps us from taking care of our self's, will change the world's “class” structure also.

Solar energy has the largest potential to disrupt the fossil fuel industry's grip on our lives. But people are going to have to downsize their power usage severely!!

If we cannot learn to develop a sustainable paradigm, life can only get much harder. Deforestation and soil degradation will destroy our so called civilisation; both are caused by our insanely unnatural lifestyle. Humanity will be making some serious changes soon, you may as well make the best of it.

Only a crisis -actual or reprieved- produces real change. When that crisis occurs the actions we take depend on the ideas laying around. That is why we must develop alternatives to existing transportation now.

  Feed your dreams with realistic new solutions, and your fears will starve

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