Thursday, June 9, 2016

Energy returned on Energy invested

The only way to save our biosphere from our consumerist culture is by returning to a tribalistic lifestyle. We have no chance of survival at all if we continue our relationship to each other “purely as consumers”. Our brainwashing is so complete that we can''t even think about sharing. Personally I believe that it will take several massive disasters for most of us to return to a “group-effort” lifestyle.

New electric vehicles will not solve one damn bit of the problem! And not just because 13 tons of hazardous manufacturing waste is produced for every ton of new vehicle! But because capitalism has failed and will continue to fail to give the vast majority of us what we really need; a sense of community.

It takes 10 calories of hydrocarbon energy to produce one calorie of food in the industrialized world.

Energy returned on energy invested (world average) ratios
Oil 10:1 (it started at 100:1)
Coal 3:1
Tar sands 2:1
Nuclear 2:1
Wind Electricity 25:1
PV Solar Electricity 10:1
Ethanol 1:1
Hydrogen 0.5:1 (hydrogen fuels are a scam)
Biodiesel 2:1

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