Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Divest in oil

Why is it that most people that claim to care about their carbon footprint refuse to change their transportation life style! Why would they rather continue to give the corporate over-lords their money than do something as simple as apply a strong motor to their long-tail cargo bikes? Or buy an electric velomobile.

They could at least convert their GD cars to electricity, it would cost a lot more than an electric cargo bike, but not an impossible amount of money.

When they ask me what will it cost; I have to ask them what is the price they place on their children's future! And then they claim not to know what is gong to happen, apparently ignorance is bliss when it allows you to forget about your part in “Anthropogenic climate disruption”.

Divesting in oil can seem expensive, but that is because the true cost of automobiles are not reflected in the price tag. The price would have to reflect the price of the war for oil as well. That would be at least several million dollars per vehicle.

Power assisted large Bakfiets cargo bike start around 6 thousand dollars US. That may seem like a hellova-lota money. But when you think about the carbon foot print of a car not being payed for in real time; how your children are going to pay for it. It is not a bad price.

And if it has a European hub motor on it you will have to exchange it for one that will actually climb our steep hills.

But you could save a hellova-lota money if you were to apply the motor your self, and do it right (low enough gears) so it won't fry the controller etc.

My legs are in so much pain that I find my self wanting an effing car. But if I had that much money I could do something more reasonable, like build a small electric vehicle.

I have wasted way too much time writing this blog that I have ended up with no money for a motor rig, and having to torture my legs on our steep hills with out a motor. I need someone pay me to apply a motor to their utility bike so I can do my own.

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