Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Door to door

This book is a mind blowing expose' about how cars and drivers are getting away with murder, and how complex our insane Kar-Kulture really is.

It talks about how ride sharing maybe the only way out of our insane reality. And the new kinds of transit systems using “on demand” automated micro cars instead of large buses running around empty most of the time.

It also exposes the massive amount of carbon dioxide pumped out by gigantic container ships. They use the most dirty fuel in the world, crude oil as thick as asphalt when cold. And non of this is considered a part of any country's carbon foot print. Think about that when you buy a large object from another continent; it makes Americas carbon foot print much larger than it appears. This is a good argument for buying bicycles made in the USA even if the price tags is larger; the actual cost is less.

There is not enough resources to keep expanding the gross GDP even with all possible efficiency improvements. If people don't prepare to downsize severely right now there will not be a future that anyone will want to live in beyond 2030 unless they are very rich.

Not having the freedom to drive where you want when you want will help people work less. This is the only way to share jobs. Sharing transportation. And building self sustaining cities like Arcosanti will be necessary.

I believe that most people would rather make war on cyclists before giving up their cars.
It will come down to people rioting in the streets. And possibly even killing car drivers. You know how people overreact.

As Bill McGibben says, this is world war three. But this should not be a reason to give up and do nothing but wait for the end.

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