Thursday, November 10, 2016

what they don't want you to know

Is this cynicism, naiveté, satire, or just the unbearably horrifying truth? It all depends on how passive you are.

This is the first information sigularity apart from the NSA

What happens when the 
is confronted by a truth-teller politician (Bernie Sanders)? They had to pay a Neo-McCarthyist con-man to sell austerity by demonizing 'foreigners' and the 'social safety net' just so they can shock us into confusion so we don't know what is happening. Bypassing the rational side of our minds! Mind control works best on people that are dependent on the money system.

Crashing the economy, defunding education and the social safety net just so they can say it is broken and needs to be privatized will only serve to accelerate Capitalism’s end.

Even now many people fail to grasp the true meaning of the word “austerity”. Austerity is not eight years of spending cuts, as in the UK, or even the social catastrophe inflicted on Greece. It means driving wages and living standards down in the western world, for decades until they meet those of the middle class in China and India on the way up.

How Capitalism Is Dismembering America

Politicians trying to shift the blame away from their financiers have referred to the lowest-income 47% of Americans as the "takers," who enjoy government benefits at the expense of the high-earning one percent. But their claim is meaningless. The total amount paid out in 'welfare' (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is less than the investment income of just three of the most rich in a single year.

Market capitalism is predicated on a set of presuppositions that are simply no longer viable given emerging technology. Everything the market expects in it's system structure, is being made obsolete. Think about customized Printable devices.

Imperialism as the logical extension of geopolitical power, to meet the financial investment needs of the political economy of capitalism. And neo-imperialism as the practice of using capitalism, globalization and cultural imperialism to influence a developing country in lieu of direct military control (imperialism) or indirect political control (hegemony).

“Neo-liberalism” (Neo-Imperialism) has morphed into a more aggressive system (neo-fascism) programmed to inflict recurrent catastrophic failures on us. This is disaster capitalism's “shock doctrine”; the tool that the rich use to coerce us into submission.

Most of us have learned helplessness. Which means they will do nothing; not even passive resistance is possible if you believe that nothing can be done to stop them. The only chance we have, is to take charge of our own life support system in a collective structure.

The coming wave of automation, currently stalled because our social infrastructure cannot bear the consequences, will hugely diminish the amount of work needed; not just to subsist, but to provide a decent life for all.

However free information is corroding the “market’s” ability to form prices correctly. That is because “markets” are based on scarcity while information is abundant. The system’s defense mechanism is to form monopolies (coemption) of socially produced information. Constructing a fragile corporate edifice at odds with the most basic need of humanity, which is to use ideas freely, helping imperial capitalist's grasp on our economy collapse.

A whole business subculture has emerged over the past 10 years, which the media has dubbed the “sharing economy”. A good example would be a “recyclery” or a small garage business that re-configures recycled bikes into utility cycletrucks to give to people that will use them inplace of petroleum powered vehicles, or making them for a bike share project; subverting consumerism!

The old business paradigm of selling services without sharing the knowledge of the parts that can be done by the buyer, is on its way out! If communities can't learn to work together they will not survive!
Mainstream economics proceeds from a condition of scarcity, yet the most dynamic force in our modern world is abundant information. 

Market imperialism (neo-fascism) justifies it's existence by the recognition of the need to manage scarcity; but due to it's structural mechanics, actually promotes and rewards infinite consumption.

The business models of all our modern digital giants are designed to prevent the abundance of information.

Information is a machine for grinding down prices of things needed to support life on the planet. It is the “externalizations” of un-ownable information, and well-being generated by networked interaction and the rise of subculture production that will subvert repressive neo-fascist capitalism.

If we cannot implement a functional system built on abundant information, non-hierarchical work and the dissociation of work from wages; as well as force the imperialist banks to stop creating “Fictitious” capital. We will all suffer the oligarchy's plans.

The Libertarians are actually telling their followers that the “market” forces will sort things out and bring freedom to all of us, not just the oligarchy. People will believe anything, if you keep repeating how the Welfare and Medicare social safty-nets are broken. 

Apathy and ignorance is killing our democracy. The imperialists are defunding education to keep us stupid enough to be obsequious slaves to their new world order. See the The great seal of capitalism on the back of the doller bill.

Annuit cœptis” does not mean what they want you to believe. Obviusly it maybe translateded correctly but the true meaning is “Annuity of Coemption” the second word being an archaric word for what capitalism is all about. Buying up a comodity and forcing inflation. The words under the great seal means “New World Order”!!

Core ideas of Neo-Fascism?

Global Capitalism Trumps Plans for Jobs, Taxes, Trade

What is next for our so called democracy?

Crisis cults unleash further collective delusions; believers entranced with magical thinking.

Or just more demonizing of the disabled and poverty stricken to distract us from how the corporate fascists are controlling our minds? Psychology of control, State of Mind

The end of capitalism has begun

Some really good books for learning the truth:

Killing Capitalism
Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling  by John Taylor Gatto

The Underground History of American Education: A School Teacher's Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling

A People's History of the United States: 1492 to the Present

If you want to remain slaves of the bankers and pay for the costs of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and control the nation's credit

Sir Josiah Stamp 1880-1941


Will Capitalism Destroy Civilization?

How Capitalism is Destroying Democracy

TheFailed ‘Reaganomics Experiment’ In Kansas Keeps Getting Worse

 “the Shock Doctrine”by Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein is right: Unchecked capitalism will destroy civilization

Voter Suppression

'Interstate cross check' is how they stole the election. Thousands of people's votes were thrown in the trash just because there were people in other states with the same or similar name!!!! So now if you want your vote to count. You have to change it to a totally unique name, one that no one else the US has!

And the media like fox TV gave him something like 3 billion dollars worth of free airtime. 

What is the electoral collage?

What is Gerrymandering?

What is capitalism?

What the rich don't want you to know:

Coemption is the process of buying up of the whole supply of a commodity for the purpose of obtaining a monopoly and controlling the price.

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