Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Shock Doctrine

 This is a horrifying book, if you cannot deal with reality don't read it! Just continue to live in denial.

It tells the story of how vulture capitalist's lust for power is forcing us to submit to capitalist fascism by using shock treatments like, crashing the economy, eliminating the middle class, defunding our socialist institutions, like public schools and the social safety-net; welfare for the disabled and children, to force a reversion to dysfunctional submission, so they can plunder the worlds wealth.

These maniacal money mongers are like drug addicts of the stock market, destroying the economy and infrastructures of whole countries just to get their next fix!

I believe that they will be using the climate crisis as the final shock treatment.
Americans are now using more than 10 millions barrels of oil a day! That puts us all in the hands of the imperial lords, there is no way that electricity will replace that much energy density.

Fascism presented itself as an alternative to both international socialism and free market capitalism. While fascism opposed mainstream socialism, it sometimes regarded itself as a type of “nationalist” socialism.

My dictionary describes it as a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that uses belligerent raving, racism, and glorification of war, to shock the people of the world into submission.

The only way out of this is to start having civic skill seminars, so we can all learn to take control of our government, as they did in Europe.

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate


2. depression

3. acceptance

Our problem is NOT the lack of appropriate technology.

Our real problem is the great desire to egnor 

the worlds problems and just be happy!

Persuasive speech has been practiced by great rhetoricians since the time of ancient Greece and Rome. Having the skills to successfully participate in constructive conversation and group discussion allows citizens to work together with other members of society to achieve common goals. These skills provide knowledge of how to constructively raise issues and then guide conversation in a productive direction.

Learning to differentiate between fact (statements which can be proven true), and opinion (statements that express judgments or ideas) enables us to critically evaluate what is said. It is also a way to prevent bias ravings, which is typically not based on facts. If there are not enough people learning this, the fascists will destroy our country and let the corporate worms destroy the rest of the world as well. Children, especially, should learn these skills so they can debate the professional liars and create a better world.

Yet learning to debate the naysayers is not enough. There needs to be dynamic facilitation to learn mutual communication. The rich have a lot to loose by people learning to actually communicate. That's why they pay politicians to be so bombastic with out saying anything real. The american news media is owned by these family's that do everything possible to keep us separated into different factions. “Divide and confuse” is the prime tool they use to maintain their status-quo.

What we need is a national “wisdom council” see:

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