Thursday, February 16, 2017

Motored Cycle-Truck vs Fast bike Fetishism

What is the difference between a motorcycle and a 600lb utility bike?
If you think it is the power of the motor, you are wrong!

    • One has the ability to drive faster than 20mph on flat land. A motorcycle must be able to drive at least 45mph on flat land, and is engineered with fantastic brakes to handle the increased power. Usually two large hydraulic brakes on the front wheel.
    • A bicycle will never be able to stop with the power needed to climb steep hills with cargo like 400lbs. Rim brakes are useless and cable pull disc brakes are not much better, even with metal sintered pads!
    • And if you did make the wheel stop turning the top heaviness of the vehicle could make you loose control too easily. Not really a problem for off-road bikes because that is exactly what makes it fun.
    • The cycle-truck has the ability to climb hills with a total combined weight of 600lbs with only one single gear; Set at a slow enough reduction ratio (about 12mph or less with 1500 watts) to climb your worst hills with the most weight you will need to replace a car.
    • People that think gears waste energy, are brainwashed by speed merchants. (Hub-motors are built for racing, not for stop-n-go city driving.)
    • Some states make e-bikes use a pedal actuated controller, to make sure you can't drive over the speed limited by law. But gears them self's can limit the vehicle's speed, simply because the motor cannot move faster than a specific RPM with out damage.

People that wait until it is too late to change their life style will pay for it the hard way.

There is no reason that people can't start changing their transpiration methods now.
Electric bicycles that can move 600lbs up our steep hills can replace a car. Obviously not many people know how to build these. But I do! Read my 13 year old non-profit blog about living with out petroleum powered vehicles!

Most people lost their ability to think creatively in school. We were taught to memorize data like a machine. If you want to learn to use your brain fully you have to learn to think “laterally”.

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