Saturday, February 4, 2017

Electric Utility Bike

This is the best utility bike frame I have seen yet. But it does need a rack welded onto the front of the frame. And a motor mounted low under the seat, to drive the rear wheel. Hub motors are for flat land only!

The rear rack should be long enough to hold a large size milk carton box. Once you have more carrying capacity you will want even more. Also a ladder rack on the side, would be very good to have.

An easy step-through frame is essential for a fully loaded bike! This fork design is for strength rather than travel, it is not an off-road suspension. But excellent for riding off curbs and pot holes. And at high speed, if you hit a pothole with a heavy load on the front, you could end up with broken spokes or even a dented the rim.

The front wheel will be easier with a drum brake hub. Rim brakes or a disc brake will be difficult to apply to the front suspension with out a jig. And be sure to use the widest rims so you can use 16” Moped tires.

The slower you ride the shorter the trail should be. I had to change my recumbent to half inch trail because I really noticed wheel flop when climbing hills too slowly. My utility bike has 1.3” trail. Any thing over 2” is for fast cruising.

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