Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Ultimate Commuter bike

HANDLING. This bike is designed for easy handling, not for racing. The usual long wheel base bike has too much swing steer and will not turn in such a tight circle.

All this and a motor in a folding frame???What does it take? Easy handling: Relaxed hand position (short reach)7” to 9” of tiller steer No wheel flop (half inch trial)

One third of the weight on the front wheel. Easy balance: Long wheelbase Seat lower than the crank. Seat angle 50 to 60 degrees. Rain protection: Fairing Long front fender
Internal gear hub(for ease of changing gears while climbing hills). disc brakes. Hub generator for LED lights.36 or more 12 gauge stainless steel spokes.

NOTE: The lower the steer angle the easier it is to turn because the wheel turns on to its side using the arch of the wheel to turn the bike. 0-.5” trial removes the wheel flop. The counter balance of your arms keeps the wheel straight through high speed bumps.

Most recumbent delta trikes use a standard steer fork to save money; set at 60 degrees as a compromise. The wheel must turn on its side because the trike can’t lean like a bike, but that produces wheel flop.

The way to correct that problem is to add more rake for less trail. Best maneuverability can be had by dropping the steer axis down to around 50 degrees and rake the wheel axle to zero trail (or at least half the width of the front tire, to keep the front end from moving up when turned)

This is not a well-made machine even if it is well designed. It needs a better seat and disc brakes, and a wider wheelbase to stabilize it in the fast turns. And it really should have a cargo box!