Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sit Up Straight!

This is the only one with a full set of gears, but it is made of aluminum. Aluminum will not last very many years, it wears out as it flexes and for a utility bike no way! Steel lasts forever and can be welded back together, aluminum cannot be fixed when it brakes!!!. This one has low enough gears also. But they all need MTB gears.

After 16 years of leaning on my handlebars, creating carpel tunnel syndrome and arthritis in my lower spine, I got a new seat that requires that it be in the right place. The two pads move independently, there is no pressure on the crotch, and it has a width adjustment. But it could use more padding.

Now I realize that my old bike was 6” shorter than it should be for my torso!!
I turned it into a crank forward by building an offset adaptor for the new seat. Sitting up straight takes the pressure off my wrists. But to apply more pressure to the pedals I must lean forward a little, but hill climbing is easier than on my recumbent bike.

Now I must buy an X-tracycle add on to push the rear wheel back far enough to balance the weight between the wheels. I think it will be better if I just buy a new crank-forward bike.

I had to move the handle bars up and back.
And the seat backuntill it was about 60 degrees from the crank.

After only a few months this seat broke! The bolt that holds the individual pads sheared off. It should have been made of stainless steel, because it is more flexible.

They replaced the seat free, but I had to send the old one back because I don't have a working digital camera any longer. But just keep in mind that they are for light weight people. (250lbs max. and in the up straight position, maybe less).

Actually the butt will still roll side to side making this seat a waste of money. And I need to move from front to back for hill climbing; seats are useless for that also.


Even a cheaper  seat like the CLOUD 9
can be better than the Hobson, if the nose is turned down enough.
And with extentions on the bars, hill climbing is easyer than ever.

Or try one of these Comfort Seats:

And do not listen to the macho retoric about hard seats. The hobson seat is for skinny guys.

Here is another one to try

And on another one like the hobson but better

This one has to be the widest bicycle seat ever but I dont think it will be any good.

This one might be good if its not too hard

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