Monday, March 28, 2011

I dream of a world with-out cars!

Arcology is about the life support systems that humans will need if they want to survive the future, and the relationship of architecture.

The basics are to minimize the everything stop the suburban sprawl that is supported by high-energy transportation and mass consumption. Don’t think that electric cars are going to save the world, they won’t.

Arcologys are epitomized by gigantic buildings that will be city scapes unto them self’s. Surrounded by wilderness and farmland they will use green building techniques that will eliminate waste / pollution and segregation.

A renewal of the psychological connection with our biosphere will dominate. These structures may first appear in big cities but will not work properly until they are no longer supported by expansionism.

Unfortunately there won’t be much support for this concept until suburbia goes through several catastrophes like environmental heating, ocean levels rising, running out of fossil fuels.

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