Monday, August 1, 2011

Bicycles of the Future


 This is the one that I designed and will build myself, leaving the two cranks for two riding positions. This is very easy to mount and dismount when fully loaded. Cargo boxes on the front will become very popular when people stop wasting their money on cars, and find out that they need more cargo room than just the rear of the long cargo bikes.

This one needs a Rohloff gear hub. This one needs a 60 degree seat tube.


remove the top bar!

This one has the gears but you can't sit up straight nor get off easy!

You can sit up straight on this one, but not get off easy!

This one is not the best, but it is in the right direction. It needs hill climbing gears. And the crank is too close under the seat. I will just have to build one that is right.

You probably will not find a short wheel base cargo bike that has an easy step through frame to get off the bike, with short legs, without leaning it over to the side; almost imposable when fully loaded to 350lbs total combined weight;

And you will not find one that has the front rack welded to the frame so that it will not affect the steering when climbing a steep hill at 3mph (the slowest balancing speed). WHY!?

Because most people have no idea how to ride it up steep hills. All you have to do is slide your ass forward a bit to get more weight on the pedals. I learned this by not being able to ride a prone bike any longer.

Long wheel base bikes are harder to handle in traffic, and there are just plain heavier than short bikes.

Most people can't afford to own more than one bike; this one can be made from two old mountain bikes.

The two crank positions are for fitting the person's riding style, or just to have a much lower gear so that spinning with short crank arms. Most cargo bikes are made for flat land, this one is for the 10% grades that I climb every day.

info about another bike here:

a scrap wood cargo bike?

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