Monday, April 1, 2013

Belt Drives

Belt RC drive on a Full Suspension Cannondale Prophet.

Note that the rim pulley is attached to he hub with spokes.

I am sick and tired of dealing with chain drives! Testing special chain lube, replacing the chain every three months or so.

But this has got to have it's problems also. Like the belt has to be too tight, and the bearings wearing out fast. and the dirt wearing out the cogs. Gates has a CenterTrack variant that supposedly runs at lower tension than their original style. And carbon fiber costs way too much! better to use a belt drive for a motor.

This is the best thing for utility cycles, a two speed crank! With a Nuvinci infinite gear hub.


Unknown said...

I have had the center track on my Trek Soho Deluxe for about 2.5yrs and more the 5000km riding to work and not a single issue. I would never go back to chains to commute. I have only changed tries and disc brake pads. Love it
PS: no noise too!

Prodromal said...

That sounds like an advertisement. But I would believe it.