Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mirrors and Stainless Steel Bolts!

If you want to stay alive in traffic, you need good mirrors on both sides. After breaking the 6th pair off my bicycle. I finally got some nice motorcycle mirrors. Unfortunately all cast aluminum and plastic support arms brake very easy.

The glass is too narrow on these mirrors; It is hard to sit in one place on a bicycle so I kept having to find the right spot to see the rear road in the mirrors.

I tried to use the old Miricycle mirrors I had left over from so many arms braking off. But no glue would hold them. Do not use the convex mirrors from a car parts store, they give too much of a pin point view, so that a car one thousand feet to the rear is not visible unless they have their lights on.

I tried silicone to glue and then Barge cement them on, it will not stick to the plastic. So I had to buy yet more mirrors!

All stainless steel mirrors would be great if I could find them.

The only way to keep a bicycle from rusting up is to use stainless steel bolts! I had a bicycle ruined by a single rusted bolt long ago. These Mirrycle mirrors are tooo expensive to have them rust like this! Why can't the bicycle industry just use stainless steel bolts?

When you add new bolts, you need thread lock because bikes vibrate. Finger nail polish is so much cheaper and it does not evaporate out of the tube like the high price goop. You can even get nail polish made with epoxy, but it costs more; the $1.50 kind works.

I changed the metric bolts to american 8-32, 3/4 inch and 1 inch. The long bolt that goes inside the handle bars didn't need to be changed because the bars face down on my bike (no rain gets in).

And these mirrors are designed to break! Two of them have broken off my bike in the last 3 months.

look on amazon for bar end mirrors

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