Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tilting trike design

tilting mechanism design


 To carry cargo on hills that force you to slow down to about 3 mph or less, without getting off and pushing a bike up the hills, I would choose a trike. 

 I am not sure that this kind of trike would be easier at very slow speeds than a two wheel cargo bike. But it does appear that it would have better traction when cornering fast. 

I do not know if the shocks are needed when using  center point steering. 

I also think it would be better to use the two support arm method, even if just to distribute the weight off of the one single bearing.

See the video above before building this one. 

Center point steering axis should not be exactly centered. Maybe a half inch to one inch off the center of the 2 inch tire?

there are easier ways of making the tilting mechanism

This one does have some bump steer. 

This two sided one is better, but is more complex. 

leaning trike rear end could be simpler to build

Ackermann steering

I like this this best


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