Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cargo Bicycle Design Contest

The bike needed to be easy to build  and easy to get off of when fully loaded, (some people do not understand the need for a low step through frame); and sitting up straight is needed for carpal tunnel syndrome.

And the design must be original!

These should to be community projects, not entrepreneurial projects.
I am not interested in helping the bicycle industry improve their machines. Capitalism will never give you a good product for a good price because they have to make it as cheaply as possible to make the largest possible profit.

Actually I do not expect anyone to do better. Because it took me years to learn how to construct a bicycle from used bikes, without a shop.

Based on this design concept, I have another winner

I do like leaning trikes and other cargo bikes, but not for ease of construction.

I like the idea of using a Nuvinci hub gear with a motor. So that it is easy to match the pedaling with the motor speed.


S.P.Kranzor said...

uhhm... is this contest just starting or finished?

Prodromal said...

I will leave this contest open, But I do not expect anyone to design anything better than this. I spent years researching this project.