Monday, December 22, 2014

off grid living

Don't think that it is cheaper to live off grid. It requires a lot of thinking and a lot of money. You really need a special bank account for new batterys when old ones die and you need a large generator. An new rebuilt small car engine with the starter working. It is a bitch from hell to be pulling on the rope of a small generator and find out late that the small gasoline motor is worn out. Small gasoline engines do not last very long, only a few years. And if the solar panels are out in the field, you need to run the power back to the battery room at high voltage.

  • Inverter
  • large switching box
  • large generator made from a small car engine. [pacific north west averages only 1.5 hours of direct sun light a day]
  • charge controller
  • transformers
  • large 2 volt battery cells
  • extra batterys
  • a lot of gauges/ meters
  • extra money stashed away for emergency's'
  • L.E.D. Lights
  • earth bag mini house with at least two feet thick walls.
  • No refrigerators in the winter (I use an ice box outside).
  • New car stereos do a good job of energy conservation, but I can't even charge up my computer unless the sun shines!

Is another electrical appliance worth the effort?

Every off grid power system in the Pacific NW needs a power generator.
Our goal is to run it off methane gas generated at home. And eventually a steam engine.


Anonymous said...

I like this idea we are a very wasteful society what's this gonna cost out of curiosity

Prodromal said...

Not changing your life style will cost the world more than you can possibly imagine. Every one pays for a sigle person's wastefull life style. Stop making excuses, start changing now!