Saturday, November 9, 2019

Electric Farm Truck?

660 lbs without a load but will handle a 2200 lbs payload [just about a metric ton]

If you want to build something like this electric farm truck, you will need two large motors and three motorcycle wheels. The two rear wheels with large sprockets for 415 chain and 4 ply tires. The hard part is to keep it no wider than 3ft, and building a battery large enough will take more money than most people are smart enough to spend now before the world drops into a deep dark depression. I am sick-n-tired of people's excuses. Go to a junkyard find some old junked motor-bikes start collecting parts, it will take a few years to build unless you have plenty of money saved up. Don't think about the money or the time, JUST DO IT!

Two 72 volt cyclone 3000 watt motors with planetary gears should do the job if the gear reduction is low enough.

Anyone thinking they could power this kind of vehicle with hub motors should be forced to pay them. It amazes me how people just do not understand what gears are for. And don't think about using a mid-drive to turn your cranks and the flexible human powered drive chain, unless it is to drive the front wheel. Use two motors that have planetary gears built into them directly to the two wheels, or a single large motor to a jack shaft, with an extra large gear reduction to each of the two knobby dirt bike motorcycle drive wheels and their disc brakes [scavenged from a junkyard.] 415 chain would be large enough, or whatever the sprockets on the motorcycle wheels are made for.

And don't bother to tell me how gears waste energy, they do not! What they actually do is use some of the energy to convert kinetic energy into hill climbing torque thrust. Hub motors waste energy as heat and they do not vent it well. Some people are so dim witted that they think that even a farm cycletruck should be able to race a car. How insane is that? You shouldn't be able to drive this truck faster than 15 or 18 mph at top speed, in highest gear, on flat land.

And yes it should have a crank to make it look legal [Get a 100mm wide bottom bracket for a 3” or 4” wide tire bike] Some one may make special heat sinks that keep the bottom bracket tubes round when welding. Hide the hill climbing motors under the flat bed with a single motor on the front wheel. Also using your legs when you don't have a large load would be good. 
If you use only hub motors you need your controller to limit the speed.

If you need two seperate gear reductions, think about a hub motor just for the flat land cruising [possibly on the front wheel], while saving the geared drives for hill climbing with several hundred pounds of compost or hay bails.

And you don't really need a CycleAnlyst meter, you can use a simple voltmeter to keep and eye on how much power is left in your battery. And there are good thumb throttles that have a voltage meter integrated. Just be sure to seal the edges with silicone to keep out the rain. And with this big of a machine you should build a battery pack that is at least 3 to 5 kiloWatt hours [Samsung 29E cells ] to keep it safe. Discharging a pack too fast creates dangerous heat. 

truck trike drive
multi-drive systems

How can you run a large tractor with electricity? Flash steam, the most efficient ways to propel a large vehicle. The steam tractors from the 19th century were very dangerous because of the boilers being made of riveted together plates, they exploded quit often. 

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