Saturday, March 21, 2015

Who killed the electric car?

In 1990 California past a law that cars had to have zero emissions because smog was killing too many people and it was just costing too much money! So General Motors lobbied against this “tooth and nail”. Yet at the same time they produced some really excellent electric cars. But they only leased these cars to a few thousand people, there was a long waiting list (people really wanted them badly!)

Then the politicians were paid to help fight the project, even emperor Bush got in the fight. The corporate maggots claimed that there was not enough people wanting them and that they cost too much to make (all lies).

Lead acid batteries gave only a 60mile range. That's when Nickel-metal-Hydride battery technology was bought by Texaco and suppressed. Even to this day you can get only small NiMH cells.

Then they pulled a 'bait and switch' by claiming they could make a hydrogen fuel-cell car that would be so much better. Unfortunately they was only a concept car that would take eons to develop into a realistic machine. Hydrogen takes 3 to 4 times as much energy as a battery powered car.

And to top it off they developed the Hummer tank truck. This one will be running on nuclear power as soon as gasoline runs out.

So now days if you want an electric car, you have to build your own! Lithium-ion batterys are available, but for how long is questionable. And Tesla is working on new battery technologies with Panasonic (the only American factory working on battery technologies). GM is working against electric car tech because they are owned by the oil industry.

Who killed the electric car?

delay is the worst kind of  denial!

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