Thursday, June 18, 2020

Folding e-Bikes?

For a short ride to the bus stop and short rides to the shop or office, all you need is a single speed bike with 16” or 20” tires. The smaller the drive wheel, the lower the gear is, but try to find one with room for 2.25” wide tires. And use a simple voltmeter on the accelorator, a lot cheaper than a fancy CycleAnalyst. There is a MINI CYCLONE mid-drive kit that I want to install on a single speed folding bike. But a 2000 watt direct drive hub motor could work on suach a light weight bike as long as you don't need to climb steep hills with cargo. Just be aware that hub motors weight a lot more than mid-drives.

It would be good to build a folding mini electric motorbike simular to this one, With room for 2.25” x 20” OD [16” rim] motorcycle tires. I believe all bikes should be made Heavy Duty no matter how small.

How to make Mini Electric Motorcycle at home DIY PROJECT

single speed:

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