Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Kill your car before it kills your children

If the lack of driving during the Covid 19 pandemic has reduced air pollution by 30% over only 8 weeks, just think what could be done if everyone stopped driving their cars. But the capitalists don't give a damn! They have done noting but pump up the carbon greenhouse gases. They will not stop untill you and every one you know, converts to electricity.

Don't bother killing large trucks or other peoples vehicles, that will only aggravate the law enforcers. It is much better to show how fedup you are with capitalist feudalism, by living without petroleum. Or anything transported with petroleum. This may require that a co-op in the U.S. to start making Brushless DC motors as good as the Chinese build. And the post office needs to convert all their vehicles to electricity.

Batteries do not need large factories, they can be built on a small scale D.I.Y. Graphene battery Don't believe the “efficiency” lies, you don't need dangerous lithium-ion batteries.

If you don't understand how world capitalist kleptocracy is killing our world with fuel extractive methods like “fracking”, read the book [“This Changes Everything”]. The only way out of this economic tail spin, that capitalism has created, is a Co-Operative economy. Create wealth from the ground up; top down economics does not work for the 99% of people on the bottom of the pyramid.

And if you are one of those pacivists that worry about psychopathic boys running down animals trying to cross the road, you really need to start thinking about the poisons coming out of your exhaust pipe. It is killing all life on earth.

There are way too many ignorant people out there, so it is up to you to enlighten them; watch these videos, and read about Francois Marie Charles Fourier.

This is the kind of car we need right now!

Energy Decent Action Plans:

There needs to be mass movement to start building the things we need to get the capitalist petroleum power monopoly out of our lives. There are a lot of ways to build electric vehicles and all a co-operative would need is some idea of how to give people what they need. Everything from heavy duty cycletrucks to light weight pedal-electric hybrid trike cars. Entrepreneur produced vehicles will not solve the problem any more than new electric cars will simply because capitalism is not capable of building a human centered world.

Tell your friends and relatives to help fund a co-op or else
!. Go to welding school, get a welder or at least a brazing torch, build a frame building jig and get a few other tools like the ones on this page clean out your garage and start having fun:

I have been specializing in designing vehicles that can move heavy cargo up steep hills because that is what we need where I live []. But if you live on flat land it will be a little easier. But no matter what your hills are like, heavy duty utility cycles need heavy duty wheels. Motorcycle tires are not only much stronger but actually cheaper than bicycle tires. And they will eventually be made of Biodegradable materials. There needs to be educational programs helping people to apply mid-drive motor kits to their bicycles. This could be a fist project.

Part of these vehicles can be made from recycled materials. There is no need to use high tech aerospace materials like some people think. Square tubing is much easier to use than round tubes, and cheaper to buy new. But if you are smart enough you can use round tubing from old bicycles. Take lesson from “”

Motorcycles would be a good thing to build if they have more room for cargo and batteries. “Keeping up with cars on a bicycle” is an insane concept, but motorcycles are made for longer faster trips; and you don't need pedals [] . Personally I like to keep my speed below 16mph on my hybrid cycletruck with 21”O.D. motorcycle tires. 20” OD motorcycle tires fit on 16” BMX rims:

Then there should be educational opportunities to help people convert their cars to electricity. There is no reason that people cannot get local grants to start doing these things right now. If you have a public broadcasting station in your town, demand airtime to present a case for starting a transportation co-operative. Or even go door to door spreading the word. And you could harass your local food co-op to get help to start something beyond food. Don't take NO for an answer.

Divest in petroleum” means stop burning gasoline! [As well as take all your investment money out of that business.]

Motorcycle tires for CycleTrucks:

Choosing a Motor:

Build a short utility bike from Recycled parts:

Improved CycleTruck:

Electric Farm Truck:

Battery Building:

Gross national happiness:

Capitalism Hits the Fan:

Cure for capitalism:
Capitalism is the crisis

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