Thursday, September 17, 2020

Four Wheel CycleTruck

DIY Backyard engineering an Ackerman steering assembly you can learn a lot just by trial and error. Like: 

The seat is tilted forward a bit to apply more pressure to the pedals.

Negative trail was needed to keep the wheels steady. See the photo.

The jack shaft needs to drive both sides so it won't pull one side the steering harder than the other. Put a cassette on the right side of both drive wheels with a support on the right side of the right side wheel. See “Light Foot” delta trikes.

The wheel on the inside of the turn will be pulled by the jack-shaft while the wheel on the out side of the turn will be pulled faster than the inside wheel and therefore freewheel ahead.

But if you want the shaft to drive the wheel on the outside of the turn for better traction, you would need a differential so that one side of the axle not turn faster than the other.

And using scrap parts is so much cheaper than paying for machine work. Machine shops charge a huge amount of money. And Bicycle specialists charge even more, like $16,000 for a special custom designed bike. So there are a lot of people that just work on it until they get it right and do not worry about how it looks. But having a gas shielded arch welder would help.

You can burn oil onto metal for a cheap paint job.

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